Moving from tree to tree several metres above the ground – in complete autonomy and under your own responsibility – is pleasant and fun, but it can also be a risky activity for your own safety and therefore involves compliance with numerous rules each user's feelings and emotions are different because of the darkness.


  1. The user must HAVE ALMENO 14 YEARS, be in good psycho-physical form, do not present heart problems, have not ingested for at least 48 hours substances that can alter behavior (alcohol, drugs, medicines, etc.) and not be subject to dizziness.
  2. The user must have a view that allows him to see in low light conditions, also supported by corrective lenses.
  3. The user should not be afraid of the dark, nor suffer from dizziness.
  4. The user must follow closely the reported and explained during the mandatory introductory course ("briefing") that instructs and informs on the conditions of use of the acrobatic routes and the technique to follow during the routes also through trial on the test path. In the unquestionable judgment of the staff in charge, the user who will not be assessed as eligible after the trial course will be reimbursed by the organization as he will not be allowed access to the paths of the Adventure Park
  5. You must scrupulously respect the security notions described during the briefing
  6. It is mandatory to remain permanently attached to the safety cable. In the passages from one game to another, it is mandatory to always keep at least one of the two safeties hooked. Customers who will be found with security not regularly laced, will be immediately removed from the facilities, without the right to any refund.
  7. The user must use the IPI (individual protection devices) that will be delivered upon entry to the park.
  8. It is recommended to wear sportswear. The user must avoid that his or her hair or any accessories worn may constitute, entangling, danger for themselves or others (scarves, caps, earrings, belts, bags with belts, etc.). It is therefore necessary to store any valuables such as glasses, precious, coins, keys, in a safe place to avoid loss or damage during the course.
  9. It is compulsory the use of closed footwear, better if sports type.
  10. It is forbidden to introduce or lead in the pet park
  11. Smoking is prohibited throughout the "TRIESTE ADVENTURE PARK" area.
  12. It is forbidden to introduce or take alcoholic beverages in the whole area of the TRIESTE ADVENTURE PARK.
  13. The access to the routes is in the modalities and time foreseen by the event and is reserved exclusively to the customers of the same in possession of valid entrance ticket.
  14. The entrance fee includes:
    1. Use of DPI (full harness of lanyards, musket and pulley, helmet);
    2. Initial introductory course during which the user will have to learn how to safely use the equipment and the individual equipment;
    3. R.C. Insurance Coverage;
    4. Supervisory and intervention of the staff in case it was necessary;
    5. Delivery of DPI safety equipment (individual protection devices) for the duration of the event. Any delays in the delivery of the equipment will have a cost according to the tariff;
    6. The PPE will be delivered to the participants after delivery to the cashier of a valid document of approval which will be returned to the return of the PPE.
  15. It is absolutely forbidden to leave the park area with the safety equipment.
  16. Access to routes must follow a progressive order of difficulty. To access the most challenging routes, you must have made the easiest ones without difficulty. Participants who have reached their limit during a journey are prohibited from taking more difficult routes. In case of need do not hesitate to ask for advice or request the intervention of the staff in charge.
  17. On each game can access 1 (one) single person at a time while on the platforms can access maximum 3 (three) people at the same time.
  18. For safety reasons, access to facilities is permitted to persons whose body weight is less than 130 kg (centrotrenta kilograms).
  19. The participation of children under the age of 18 must be authorized by parents or an adult who assumes responsibility for them.
  20. It is forbidden to shake or to voluntarily sway the games or to have a conduct that can in any way endanger oneself and/or others.
  21. It is forbidden to throw stones and/or objects, paper or any other waste on the ground.
  22. For all users and visitors of the "TRIESTE ADVENTURE PARK", it is allowed to move within the area only following the specially plotted path. Access to other areas, especially if reported, is strictly prohibited.
  23. It is absolutely forbidden to stop or walk at games or platforms.
  24. The Trieste Adventure Park reserves the right to suspend and remove from the games, without any reimbursement, the users who put at risk in any way their own safety and that of others.
  25. In case of adverse weather conditions, the Directorate of the "TRIESTE ADVENTURE PARK" reserves the possibility to close the facilities and their routes, with delivery of a voucher tribute to each customer who has been in for less than an hour.
  26. Routes will be closed 45 minutes before closing time to allow users to safely and safely finish the route started.

Non-observance by the user of one of the above safety standards, with COMMISSIVI or omissivi conduct, for incompetence and/or imprudence, exonerates Zero Gravity S.S.D. a R.L., owner of the Trieste Adventure Park, from any liability.


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