Get in the Game

Fun for everyone in Karst

Change your point of view and stroll through the trees, play 8 meters in height or challenge your limits.

The Trieste Adventure Park offers you different paths and contexts to meet the expectations of adults and children. Whether you want to throw yourself into the lianas or bring your children to play in nature... You'il always Find what you're looking for. It just Depends on you.

In the middle of the trees

750 meters of paths 8 meters high on 63 platforms of different difficulty because everyone can measure their ability

Like Tarzan

2 lianas and 1 zip line of 100 meters to throw you in the void and challenge your limits in total safety

Continuous Challenge

8 Routes with 72 games and 8 cableways: Many activities to make your experience even more special
To the Trieste Adventure Park

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The Park is open for individual visits on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays , and between June and August we also open on some weekdays. In the reservation calendar you have the dates always updated!

If you would like to organise an experience for a group - from a birthday party to a summer centre - write to us and we will arrange entry, even on weekdays.


Make your son's birthday special. We'll take care of following the boys.

Bachelorette Parties and celibacy

Marriage can be considered a leap into the dark. Why not organize your own party with this message?!


Take your class to the paths. Let them try to measure their abilities and strengthen the group.

Team Building

Activities for posting working groups.


Experiences dedicated to sensory and cognitive disabilities.
Safety and fun at the Trieste Adventure Park

Professionalism for your enjoyment

Prepared, competent and available

Before you start your adventure, the team explains the rules of behaviour in the park, dresses you in the equipment, shows you how to use it on a test course and makes sure you have understood everything to ensure your safety. From this moment on, you can set off on the courses independently, but the staff remain available for any difficulties.
In order to take care of the park, check the installations and equipment on a daily basis and train you, we must be prepared and up-to-date, always.


Are you ready?

Here are our tips

To ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment you can access the Park only after you have made the initial briefing. It Is mandatory to use the protective devices that are provided by the Park. Clearly a good psycho-physical condition is necessary to access the pathways. You are required to read the rules and to comply with the safety rules and the conditions of access (age and height).

We recommend you come with sportswear and trainers or hiking boots.

Carabiners at Trieste Adventure Park